About us

What we do

What is the PSA?

PSA stands for Parent/Staff Association – it exists to support the School. That is around 700 children and several hundred adults.

The PSA is a voluntary organisation that helps to raise thousands of pounds every year through activities such as cake sales, Christmas and summer fairs, table top sales, music nights, quiz nights and school discos. The money raised helps to fund school activities and resources – but these can only be successful if people step forward and help in the running of events.

There is a committee that engages in planning and coordinating activities and beyond that, a network of supportive parents and teachers.

How is the money allocated?

All funds raised are banked with the Treasurer in the main PSA account, apart from the cake sale money, which is retained by the school and used directly by the year group that raised it.

Anyone can make a bid to the PSA requesting funds for a project that benefits the children. These are submitted on a bid form and discussed by the PSA before they decide whether to support it or not.

A bid is generally more likely to be approved if it benefits a wide range of the school population. However, all bids are welcome and will each be considered on their own merits.

What has the PSA funded?

Lots of the activities and resources that your children enjoy at school are funded by the PSA.

The PSA provided much-needed money towards the climbing and play equipment in the Reception playground – before this, the playground was empty. A bid for £800 was also approved for the purchase of a greenhouse and gardening equipment for the school.

It’s not just equipment that is funded – our schools have benefited from theatre performances, poetry workshops and visiting birds of prey – all of which wouldn’t have been possible without the PSA’s funding.

Who are we

The committee

The role of the PSA Committee is to organise the events and fundraising activities. Anyone can come along to a committee meeting, but each we have a core group of volunteers who are on a mission to raise more money for the school, and create a community feel.

Main Committee Members

Lara Menon – Chair

Sally Renison – Treasurer

Jos Espouy – Secretary

Class Reps

The class rep is the point of contact for parents to ask about events and any other PSA-related issues. The duties of a class rep are:

  • communicating PSA information
  • reminding the class parents of up and coming events
  • circulating volunteer slips
  • helping with co-ordinating the year group cake sale
  • liaising with the committee secretary

Class reps do not have to stay the same each year and it can also be a joint role between two parents.

It’s likely that your class rep has set up an email group for the parents in your child’s class so that they can pass on information about forthcoming events. This may be a reminder of an upcoming cake sale, a request for help or an advert for a big event. Your rep may also help to sell tickets (e.g for the Disco) and encourage contributions for things like the Christmas fair (e.g Jolly Jars).

They are also on hand as a familiar point of contact if any parent would like to interact with the PSA, so do have a chat to your rep if there’s anything you’d like to discuss about the PSA.

Get in touch with your class reps for all PSA-related information.

Who are the Class Reps?

The class reps for 2018/2019.


Butterfly (Brewer/Manson) – Juliet Simpson (Gilbert)

Barracuda (Bennett/Foster) – Claudia Hoelzer (Lucas)

Year 1

Flying (Fletcher) – Alexa Goodsell (Tahlia)

Rainbow (Robinson) – Ellie Scrimshaw (Violet)

Year 2

Koi (Wheeler) – Amy Williams (Hewie) & Beth Garratt

Dace (Day) – Katherine Wimpenny & Jessica Mills (Gracie)

Year 3

Wimple Fish (Windsor) – Lara Menon (Dylan)

Piranha Fish (Harrison) – Kathryn Worton (Max)

Year 4

Sea Horse (Stacey-Marks)- Sarah George (Freddie)

Whale Fish (Williams) – Jos Espouy (Clem)

Year 5

5B – Sarah Douglas (Charlie)

5S – Sarah Chesney (Noa)

Year 6

6K – Naomi McKee

6L – Marieke Strange (Luca)